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Russia wouldn’t resist intervention in Syria

The violence in Syria continues unabated and with it the international outrage and calls for President Bashar Assad to step down. So far, Russia, Syria’s chief ally along with China, has stood by the Assad regime. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent statements, such as suggesting that Russia "get off the sidelines," were counterproductive: "I think it’s quite unhelpful. halfway behind the scene."


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Farmers give details of protest rallies

Banking Inquiry to hear from close aide to
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We’ve changed our method again for new album, says Radiohead guitaristRadiohead "took a lot of time" to make progress on their

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Female officer killed at Monroe corrections facility

MONROE, Wash. A female corrections
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet officer was strangled to death Saturday night at the Monroe Correctional Complex, and an inmate serving a life term for rape is the key suspect, officials said.

The attack, apparently carried out during an abortive escape attempt by the 53 year old male

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Amazon Unveils Futuristic Delivery Plan

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had a big surprise for correspondent Charlie Rose this week. After their 60 Minutes interview, Bezos walked Rose into a mystery room at the Amazon offices and revealed a secret R project: "Octocopter" drones that will fly packages directly to your doorstep in 30 minutes.

It’s an audacious plan that Bezos says requires more

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Not Sure You Can Pass a Background Check

Would you believe me if I told you that NASA’s premier robotic exploration lab is legally barred from conducting background checks on employees? Well, believe it. Whoever even heard of
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What to Avoid When Writing Characters

Sometimes the characters have very little, in terms of traits, to distinguish them as being human at all. Other characters are written with hundreds of defining features, but they’re all despicable, causing the reader to question whether anyone could really be that bad. Or the opposite problem, a character is too perfect and the reader can’t identify with them, making the story unreadable.

When writing fiction, describing a characte

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Slain human rights blogger AVIJIT ROY’s daughter TRISHA AHMED writes a letter to all

Mar 02, 2015 No Comments

Avijit Roy’s daughter, Trisha Ahmed: “My dad was a prominent Bengali writer, most famous for his books about science and atheism. He and my mom went to Bangladesh last week to publicize his books at Bangladesh’s national book fair. 15 hours ago, Islamic fundamentalists stabbed my dad to death. My mom was severely wounded from [...]

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KAVITA KRISHNAN on a TIMES NOW report on Adivasis protesting in Bastar Am waching with concern, coverage of a protest of adivasis at a police station in Bastar. On Times Now. Classic case of how reporting should not be done. It says 400 villagers armed with bows and arrows are protesting at a police station [...]

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MOHAN GURUSWAMY on Natwar Singh’s brush with a molestation case

Aug 10, 2014 No Comments

There is the well repeated incident about what happened when Natwar Singh was Deputy High Commissioner in London in 1975. He tried to get fresh with an English maid ( in India we would call it molesting with the intention of outraging the modesty) and it led to his being punctured by a kitchen knife. [...]

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And not a murmer from the media, says FARAZ AHMAD

Aug 04, 2014 No Comments

On Wednesday noon, just minutes before it struck 12, while many of us were rushing to the Rajya Sabha Press gallery, we saw a certain commotion downstairs, near the Vjay Chowk Gate of Parliament House. A white SUV had just crossed the boom barrier and suddenly the on-guard gypsy with cops aiming their guns aboard [...]

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