Noted filmmaker ANAND PATWARDHAN has made up his mind who to vote for

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Election notes (stating the obvious) :
At the risk of repeating myself I am going to say this again. For all of us who believe in the secular democracy that India was meant to be, the options are increasingly clear. And there should be no confusion about it. In each constituency, whom we vote AGAINST should be one and the same – the BJP and its various real and potential allies. Whom we vote FOR will vary according to who has the best chance of defeating the BJP alliance in that particular constituency.

It should be understood that we will not always have the option of voting for the “best” candidate. In some constituencies we may have to vote for the lesser of evils as usual. But in other constituencies we may be lucky and the “best” candidate may just be the one most likely to defeat the fascist wannabes.

To spell it out, my vote would go to AAP in areas where they have a good candidate with a realistic chance of winning. Otherwise it would go to Congress even though I do not like the Congress. If I were in UP, my vote would go to Mayawati under whose rule no communal riot took place, even though she does have the blemish of once having allied with the BJP. In other words there are no sacred cows. There is only the ogre who must never be allowed to win if we want to preserve our hard earned freedoms and retain the breathing space that allows us to try to deepen our democracy and make it more real.

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