And not a murmer from the media, says FARAZ AHMAD

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On Wednesday noon, just minutes before it struck 12, while many of us were rushing to the Rajya Sabha Press gallery, we saw a certain commotion downstairs, near the Vjay Chowk Gate of Parliament House. A white SUV had just crossed the boom barrier and suddenly the on-guard gypsy with cops aiming their guns aboard the vehicle, drove right in the middle of the road blocking the onward movement of the SUV.
Seeing this the innumerable journalists, both still photographers and TV channels reporters and cameramen all collected around the Gypsy wondering what happened. In the meantime the Parliament security personnel in their safari suits rushed to the SUV and out emerged from it Dr Subramanian Swamy!
He walked the rest of the distance from there and was immediately surrounded by the media. It is obvious that his car broke the security drill, perhaps it had no Parliament sticker and that is why it was not security cleared. We rushed back to the Press gallery, but most mediapersons did witness this drama and many even captured it on their cameras. But neither the day’s television news nor the next day’s newspapers carried a word of it.
How strange. Can you imagine how everyone would have gone to town if anyone from the other side, say for instance, Rahul Gandhi would have done this, it would have been the topic of Arnab Goswami and Rajat Sharma’s evening hour discussion and there would have been demands for immediate arrests. By then, Swamy would have gone to court and even obtained a court summons if the errant politician or celebrity belonged to the rival camp. But not a word of this anywhere! This beats Emergency. This gagging is for real.

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