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KAVITA KRISHNAN on a TIMES NOW report on Adivasis protesting in Bastar
Am waching with concern, coverage of a protest of adivasis at a police station in Bastar. On Times Now. Classic case of how reporting should not be done. It says 400 villagers armed with bows and arrows are protesting at a police station in Bastar demanding release of a ‘Maoist cadre’. This is just the police version isn’t it?! Why is there not even an attempt by the channel to ask the villagers why 400 of them are protesting?! No attempt to ask villagers who the arrested person is according to them? Bows and arrows are not ‘arms’, this isn’t an ‘armed crowd’, the images show mostly unarmed men and women and even some children. Bows and arrows are usually a show of adivasi identity, not a show of armed aggression.
And how can the police version go uninvestigated? This is after all the same police that insists with zero proof that Soni Sori is a Maoist cadre? That regularly arrests and tortures and kills innocents and brands them as Maoists to justify all this? What is worrying is that this looks like a potential massacre in waiting. Is the media coverage a build up for a police firing on the protesters? Fervently hope not. What can we do to intervene?

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