MOHAN GURUSWAMY’s round-up on the tumultous political events

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If the AIADMK MLAs are kept sequestered in a luxury resort under the close guard of thugs and hired bouncers, the Governor will have to let the matter of leadership be resolved on the floor of the house. Or by secret ballot by AIADMK MLAs held under the watchful eyes of appointed observers to ensure that it is conducted fairly and free of coercion. If the AIADMK legislative party splits in the process a rump faction government can only survive with DMK support. The DMK can always be expected to switch it’s support to the BJP at the center. That might even help the Marans, Raja, Kanimozhi and her mother off the hook on the 2G matter. Then we can say Indian politics has come full circle and Modi will have to get a signature raincoat for the hamam.


It seems the Election Commission has some doubts about the legality of Sasikala being the General Secretary of the AIADMK.
EC says AIADMK rules don’t allow interim general-secretary.
According to the AIADMK constitution enacted by founder M G Ramachandran, the general secretary is all powerful. The general secretary is to be elected by all the primary members.

In the absence of a general secretary, the general council appointed by the previous incumbent will continue to be in place.
Based on this, the Election Commission has said that since Sasikala was not elected as general secretary by the primary members, and the party constitution does not provide for an interim general secretary, her election is ot valid under the party’s rules.
I hope the hon’ble Election Commission also realises that there is no VP in the Congress Constitution and NONE of the political parties it recognises has had a genuine party election to elect it’s office bearers. They don’t even have a list of members. I doubt if they even have valid birth certificates for their next in line leaders.



The RSS mole in the AIADMK and Rajya Sabha member, Dr V Maitreyan, comes out in support of O Paneerselvam. Gurumurthy will not be far behind. Maitreyan interestingly says that “as per the Constitution the CM is required to personally submit his resignation and the Governor must be convinced it was voluntary.” Though the Constitution says no such thing, this reveals the contours of the game plan. The RSS governor can be expected to rise to the occasion.



The Prime Minister deliberately ignores the fact that about 94% of the tax evaded wealth or black money is held as gold and jewelry, foreign holdings, land and buildings, which have not been touched. Only 4-6 per cent is held as cash.

More than 90% of the demonetised notes returned to the banks are from cash in flow. That is cash generated legally and used legally in business and day to day activities. Even now more than 90% of all transactions are in cash.

The question he must answer now is whether the BJP (and other parties) election expenses are being settled by credit or debit cards or by Paytm or by cheques or by electronic transfers. It’s cash dealing all the way. Where did the BJP (and other parties) get this cash from, especially when their cash withdrawals from their bank accounts are limited by RBI restrictions?

How long will he keep misleading the nation with bluff and bluster instead of logic and reason?


Surgical strike was a big decision but no one is questioning about it like they do about demonetisation”

That’s because it was a non-surgical strike and just another bunch of cross border raids. These fellows who use the term to describe them that way don’t know what surgical strike means. Besides they didn’t really matter. The Pakistanis are back to their usual business again. The Modi Government admits that the Kanpur train derailment that killed 150 persons was an ISI job.

But people know what demonetization did to them. Only Modi and Jaitely don’t seem to know what they did to the country.



“Reason to make possession of demonetised currency an offence is that once it ceases to be legal tender, we can’t allow parallel economy” – says Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

The logic of this escapes me. How can demonetized currency be used? Who will exchange goods or property or services or legal tender currency for notes that are not legal tender? Does anyone see old demonetized notes anymore except with memorabilia collectors? This fellow sees a parallel economy based on them.
Suppose I had an old Rs.1000 note, would that make me an offender? I can be accused of being daft but how is that criminal?
I don’t think these fellows have their wits about them or know what they are doing or saying.



The Prime Minister just told Parliament that 50% of annual sales take place in just two days preceding Divali. He doesn’t know or is as usual being cavalier with facts.

“India‚Äôs festival season typically starts in September with Ganesh Chathurthi, devoted to the elephant-headed Hindu god of good luck, and Onam, the harvest festival celebrated mainly in the southern state of Kerala.

In October falls Navaratri, dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity, Durga, and Dussehra, a festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil.
The festival of lights and fireworks, Diwali or Deepavali, which is celebrated to honour the return of the Hindu deity, Lord Rama, from 14 years of exile, falls on 30 October this year.

The days and weeks preceding and immediately following the festivals generate as much as 30% of yearly sales for sectors such as consumer durables.
Hindus believe the period is auspicious for shopping.”

September to November is a three-month long period and having 30 per cent in a quarter is not particularly unusual. What is unusual is to have a PM who doesn’t know.


BJP manifesto for UP released by Amit Shah promises to set up Anti-Romeo squads to patrol coed and girls educational institutions. The patrolling will not be by the police but by vigilante squads, like the RSSs gaurakshak squads. Besides this is rich given that Amit Shah as home minister stalked Mansi Soni using Gujarat Police on behalf of his boss.


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